Weed Identification in South East Queensland

Bushland Convervation ManagementVINES | Morning Glory

Family: Convolvulaceae

Scientific: Ipomoea indica

Common name: Morning glory

Origin: South America


A fast growing vine that has the tendency to grow both a creeper and a climber.

The leaves are alternate and lobed, a white-creamy smooth stem with no dots.

The flowers are of a bright blue to purple in colour and paler the tubular centre.

No viable seed in Australia.

HabitatKey notesMethod of Control
Mostly found on the margins of bushland, adjacent to suburban areas and road sides. Can grow in dunal area to sub-tropical conditionsThis vine is quite vagarious in its growth and will smother native vegetation. Large percentages come from broken stems in garden waste, garden escapee’s from backyards or transported on equipmentHand removal of juvenile plant.
Roll up long runners and hand pull each root.
Stem scrape around base of stem

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