Found Injured Wildlife?

Living on the Sunshine Coast we are blessed to be so close to one of the most advanced and committed wildlife hospitals in the world.

Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital, they will not only treat and care for the animal but when the worst has passed they will contact a local dedicated wildlife carer.

Many local vets are working tirelessly and are doing brilliant work with injured wildlife.

There are now many more wonderful rescue and rehabilitation centres around doing amazing work.

See the list below under wildlife rescue contacts.

wildlife rescue
  • Tie up your dogs and lock cats away and ask others to stand back.
  • Please consider calling in a wildlife rescue group especially for any animal you are not comfortable handling.
  • or
  • Do not try to handle Wallabies, Kangaroos, Bats, Koalas or Snakes these species can inflict serious injuries!
  • Be aware of your own safety at all times
  • Try to capture the animal with the least amount of stress to the animal as possible, by having a plan of capture and acting swiftly.
  • Throw a towel over the animal (careful of biting and scratching as you pick them up) and place in a dark box or pet carry cage, place a towel over the cage as this can help minimise stress.
  • Place the box in a quiet room away from children and pets. If possible place a wrapped up hot water bottle or heat pad in with the animal as this warmth helps with shock.
  • Echidna’s can scratch their way out of a box and need to go in a deep plastic container with air holes.
  • Be sure the animal can’t get their beaks or wings damaged in the sides of the cage.
  • Stress is a very serious condition for all wildlife and it can kill.
  • Do not give the animal any food or water.
  • It is best all animals are always checked over by a vet, who will then pass the wildlife over to trained and registered wildlife carers for rehabilitation.
  • As hard as it can be sometimes to pass over a beautiful animal, it is illegal for any member of the public to keep any wildlife without a permit.

Wildlife Rescue Contacts:


  • Wildlife Noosa 0419 046 999
  • Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital Emergency Hotline 1300 369 652 Steve Irwin Way Beerwah
  • Eumundi Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre RSPCA (07) 5442 8057 | 1411 Eumundi Noosa Road, Eumundi Q 4562
  • Noosa District Animal Hospital Rene St Noosaville 07 5473 0004
  • Sunshine Coast Vets Pomona 12 Memorial Avenue Pomona QLD 4568 (07) 5485 0088
  • After hours – Sunshine Coast Pet ER, 431 Tanawha Tourist Drive, Tanawha. Ph. 5445 1333


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