Koala Food Tree Species

Koala Food Tree Species Selection – Sunshine Coast Region

This tree species list is a great start to any Koala Food Tree planting. We recommend reading our Revegetation tips before beginning your project. Wildlife friendly planting can benefit all your local wildlife, so include other native shrubs, grasses and trees to compliment the planting.

For other regions outside of the Sunshine Coast contact your local council or try this link

A primary food tree for Koalas is the preferred food source and has a (P)* next to species.
Secondary food trees (S)* are often seen with Koalas browsing through and are still a very important food source.

Botanical NameCommon NameInformation
(P) * Eucalyptus microcorysTallowwoodA stringy bark tree to 35m in wet and dry
eucalypt forest.
(P)*Eucalyptus tereticornisForest Red GumA smooth bark tree to 45m grows well in a wide range of soils.
(P)*Eucalyptus propinquaGrey GumGrows to 30m. Dry Sclerophyll Forest
(P)*Eucalyptus robustaSwamp MahoganyA stringy bark up to 25m Coastal bushlands and wet and dry sclerophyll forest.
(P)*Eucalyptus crebraNarrow leaf ironbarkIronbark to 25m in dry sclerophyll forest
(P)*Eucalyptus siderophloiaGrey IronbarkIronbark to 30m in dry Sclerophyll forest
(P)*Eucalyptus tindaliaeQLD White MahoganyA string bark tree to 30m
(S)*Eucalyptus racemosaScribbly GumSmooth bark tree to 20m in dry sclerophyll forest.
(S)*Eucalyptus resiniferaRed MahoganyUp to 45m in wet and dry sclerophyll forest
(S)*Eucalyptus moluccanaGum topped boxBox Gum to 25m in dry sclerophyll forest
(S)*Eucalyptus seeanaNarrow leaf Red GumA smooth bark tree to 25m in dry sclerophyll forest.
(S)*Corymbia citriodora Spotted GumTree to 40m with dimpled bark found in dry sclerophyll forest and on slopes.
(S)*Corymbia intermediaPink bloodwoodA bloodwood growing to 35m found in dry and wet sclerophyll forest.
(S)*Melaleuca quinquenerviaCoastal paperbarkTree to 25m in swampy areas
(S)*Lophostemon confertusBrush BoxTree to 30m found in a range of eco systems.
(S)*Lophostemon sauveolensSwamp BoxTree to 25m found in a range of eco systems.

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