GIS Mapping

GIS Mapping

Geographic information systems (GIS) are computer software and hardware systems that enable users to capture, store, analyze and manage spatially referenced data.

Bushland Conservation Management can offer a variety of GIS mapping solutions for a range of environmental projects. Our staff have GIS qualifications and extensive experience working in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors.  Our current GIS projects include Bushland Operational Assessments for the Noosa and Sunshine Coast Councils, as well as weed mapping for the Department of National Parks, Sport and Racing.  We use advanced GIS software (ESRI ArcMap and ArcPad) for our desktop and mobile GIS work, and can collect, analyse and present a range of spatially focussed data.

Bushland Conservation Management can offer a variety of GIS services including:

  • Bushland Operational Assessment (BOA) Mapping
  • Flora and Fauna mapping
  • Property Maps of Assessable Vegetation (PMAV)
  • Landscape Assessment
  • Custom mapping to suit your needs


Incorporating GIS into environmental management projects can have a number of potential benefits, including improving resource allocation, communication, cost savings and better decision making.

Please contact Bushland Conservation Management to see how GIS mapping can assist you with your environmental projects.

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