Weed Identification in South East Queensland

Bushland Convervation ManagementVINES | Mile a Minute

Family: Convolvulaceae

Scientific: Ipomoea cairica

Common name: Mile-a-minute

Origin: Asia and tropical Asia


This is a fast growing vine that has a tendency to grow both a creeper and a climber.

The leaves are alternate and lobed, the stem a white-creamy colour with numerous dots located along its entirety. The flowers are of a mauve colour and darker in the centre of the tubular centre. You rarely see the vine fruiting which is a brown-yellow in colour.

HabitatKey notesMethod of Control
Can be found in most ecosystems, from dunal areas to wetlands. It will survive with some inundation of waterThis vine is quite vagarious in its growth and will smother native vegetation. One stem can send out multiple shoots Hand removal of juvenile plant.
Roll up long runners and hand pull each root.
Stem scrape around base of stem

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