Weed Identification in South East Queensland

Bushland Convervation ManagementVINES | Gidgee Gidgee

Family: Fabaceae

Scientific: Abrus precatorius sp africanus

Common name: Gidgee gidgee

Origin: Tropical Africa


Gidgee gidgee is a perennial climbing vine which can smother a small tree to 10-12 metres. The leaves have pairs of opposite leaflets. The flowers are cream, pink to maroon in a pea shape clusters. This forms into a dense cluster of seed

HabitatKey notesMethod of Control
More generally located in coastal areas of South East QldGidgee gidgee can smother entire plants and are prolific seedersHand weed small to medium sized plants. Bag seed heads
Cut stem on larger vines.
Folia spray infestations

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