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Bushland Convervation ManagementVINES | Dutchman’s Pipe

Family: Aristolochiaceae

Scientific: Aristolochia elegans

Common name: Dutchman’s pipe

Origin: South America


A green slender climber with alternate heart shaped leaves with the underside a paler green and mostly growing to a height of 3 metres with tubular shaped flower coloured with blotches of white and maroon with a yellow throat. They produce a cylindrical fruit capsule, containing numerous flat water drop shape seeds.

HabitatKey notesMethod of Control
Mostly found on the margins of bushland, adjacent to suburban areas, disturbed areas and road sides. Can grow in dunal area to sub-tropical conditionsThis vine is detrimental to population of the Richmond Birdwing Butterfly. It tricks the butterfly into thinking it is the endangered Richmond birdwing butterfly vine and lays its eggs on the vine of the Dutchman’s pipe which is toxic to the caterpillar.Hand removal of juvenile plant.
If unable to pull out, cut and paint the stem.
Folia spray infestation

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