Weed Identification in South East Queensland


Bushland Convervation ManagementVINES | Cats Claw Creeper

Family: Bignoniaceae

Scientific: Dolichandra unguis-cati

Common name: Cats claw creeper

Origin: Central and South America


A weed of national significance (WoNS) Cat’s Claw creeper is a vigorous climber developing large and woody stems and will smother canopy.  Cat’s claw creeper produces an underground tuberous root system which can grow very large and contain multiple tubers on the root. The plant produces a three clawed tendril to assist the vine to climb. The leaves are opposite and consist of two compound leaves. The flowers are tubular in shape and are bright yellow in colour. They produce a long and flat fruit capsule, containing numerous winged seeds that are mainly dispersed by wind or water.

HabitatKey notesMethod of Control
Mostly found along waterways.
Also found through multiple ecosystem types via dumping of green waste in bushland, suburban areas, disturbed areas and road sides.
The Cats claw creeper can produce multiple tubers along the length of the stem across the ground.
It will smother mature trees and entire waterway vegetation.
Hand removal of tubers out of ground.
Cut, scrape and paint method of stem for larger vines.
Introduction of bio-control.
Folia spray infestations.

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